The demand for private dining spaces is increasing

According to a recent article in Catering Today demand for private dining spaces is increasing. From it’s smoky members only origins to the mainstream dining trends of millennials, the ability to create a space, away from the main dining areas, for a private dinner is gaining in popularity, particularly as it can be a lucrative revenue-driven addition.

It is something which we are working on with clients during restaurant renovations and, while many establishments may not have the room to create a separate area, there are many ways to incorporate a private dining space.

One key feature which we have recently implemented within a refurbishment, is to incorporate fret screening into an area, creating a closed off effect. Fret screens can be bespokely designed to reflect the ambience and style of the restaurant. Alternatively, zoning off a section of the restaurant by installing pocket  glass doors will create a separate space, while the floor to ceiling glass will ensure the light from the rest of the restaurant floods the area. Once a separate dining space is created, don’t forget the décor. It’s likely that customers will pay more for a private area so inject deep colours, luxury materials and chic décor to fully monetize from the area.