Maximising the space when faced with listed building restrictions

A common misconception people have when refurbishing a listed building is that it is just the facade of a property which is listed. In fact, if a building is listed, its entire structure is protected as well as its internal features, meaning that any change will require listed building consent and often planning consent too. When dealing with the refurbishment of a listed restaurant, pub or hotel, it is important not to take for granted that you can do whatever you want. Here are some of our top tips on dealing with a listed building during a renovation:

  • Today’s trends demand open plan spaces, which is not always achievable within a listed property, so maximise the existing place and move areas around. For instance, could a welcome desk be replaced by a small bar to create an open plan bar/dining area?
  • Create ‘walls’ for private dining through the installation of moveable fret screens, which do not alter the structure, but creates the desired effect
  • Listed buildings will have been constructed using particular plastering skills, cornices and lath and plaster ceilings. While a contemporary look is sought after today, it is possible to blend both modern and traditional, just ensure that any original aspects are preserved correctly through the use of professionals
  • Work with a reputable agency who specialises in creative interior, and exterior refurbishment projects who can advise you on the best layout and design.

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