Is Alfresco dining here to stay?

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Is Alfresco dining here to stay?

Restaurant and pub owners are calling for the alfresco revolution to stay after the success of Britain’s ‘Riviera’ dining. Government laws enabling restaurants, cafes, and pubs to serve customers safely “alfresco” after they reopened following Covid-19 closures has proved extremely popular.

Now, many independent establishments and restaurant and pub chains want the alfresco dining revolution to stay. While the unpredictable British weather may make this move challenging there are many ways of maximising the use of any outdoor space.

Working with many pub companies we know pergolas and shelters can be easily installed, and it is vital to make any outdoor areas cosy and inviting, with comfortable sofas and heating to encourage people to venture outside with their drinks!

If your outdoor space is large, build an outdoor kitchen area which might include pizza ovens and outdoor smokehouses.

CIC has years of experience in helping licensed premises maximise their outside space, so if you are looking for some advice and associated costs, get in touch!