Innovative approachs to drive footfall

No longer able to rely solely on the locals, bar owners are constantly looking for ways they can attract new customers. From offering craft gins to hosting themed nights, owners are increasingly innovative in their approach to drive footfall.

At the recent Pub19 show, one of the overriding topics of discussion was Growth in the Face of Adversity. In order for pubs to thrive today, good creative planning and an understanding of the local marketplace is essential.

We recently worked on a project with the Royal Holloway University of London’s Student Union following its purchase of the nearby Packhorse pub in Egham. By creating a pub, with a modern contemporary décor, the Packhorse appeals to both students and locals alike. While operating a competitive pricing model, and improving the employability prospects of university students, the pub features many of the original favourites, including its renowned breakfast offering, to entice locals.