Consider zoning when refurbishing to boost revenue streams

Catering for different audiences within a single venue is becoming increasingly important to drive up trade. While the majority of pubs and restaurants today are trying to create an open plan environment, fashioning ‘zones’ which are multi-functional will appeal to a wider market. For instance, separate dining booths with TV screens to amuse children during family dining times could also work as a space for small business meetings. Also, don’t just install uniform table and chairs, use lots of different textures and furniture, such as low level sofas and small tables to break the space up. Gone are the days when a pub just served beer and lager on tap, customers want gin and prosecco so create a small snug or convert a disused outdoor courtyard. Install heaters, fairy lights and a pop up bar and you are appealing to a whole new market!


Above all, when re-designing your facility, understand the full scope of your audience and carve out areas to appeal to them.